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We Provide Finest Embroidery Digitizing

At Karen’s Digitizing, we understand that every stitch tells a story. With a legacy spanning over 19 years, we stand as industry leaders in the heart of Connecticut, USA. Our team of dedicated professionals, comprised of skilled digitizers and vector artists, transforms your ideas into intricately embroidered masterpieces. We meticulously digitize designs, ensuring each detail is captured with precision and flair.

What sets us apart is not just our technical expertise but our passion for the craft. We go beyond the ordinary, infusing creativity and innovation into every project. From custom embroidery patches that add a distinctive touch to your apparel to vector art that brings your visuals to life with clarity and scalability, we are your partners in turning concepts into reality. We don’t just digitize; we elevate, inspire, and craft a story through each stitch.


Precision and quality are seamlessly woven into every project.


18 years of trusted, satisfying creative partnerships built on reliability and excellence.


Skillful professionals merging technical prowess with creative insight.

Our Team's Collective Strength

Our team at Karen’s Digitizing embodies a fusion of passion and expertise, dedicated to crafting exceptional embroidery and vector art solutions. Comprising seasoned professionals with years of collective experience, we stand united in our commitment to precision, creativity, and client satisfaction.

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Assured Excellence Quality Guaranteed

At Karen’s Digitizing, “Quality Guaranteed” is not just a promise; it’s our guiding principle. With a legacy of over 19 years, our commitment to excellence is unwavering. Our skilled team of digitizers and vector artists ensures every project meets the highest standards of precision and creativity. We pride ourselves on delivering not just satisfactory results but exceeding expectations. 

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From intricate embroidery digitizing to detailed vector art, our dedication to quality permeates every aspect of our work. Trust us for exceptional craftsmanship, reliability, and a guarantee that your vision will be brought to life with the utmost care and precision.

What Our Clients Say.

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Georgie Hopkins

“Great service! Highly Recommended. Great communication and was exactly as expected. I need a logo digitized for a customer to embroider. Would order again.”

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Sara Groos

“I have purchased 2 digitized files from this vendor, both excellent. Customer service is 10/10 and the fastest response I have ever gotten. Thank you!”

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Shannoon Boley

“WOW!!! Excellent stitch out! Will definitely use it again! Such a great person to work with”

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Katharina Seela​

“The design turned out amazing. I would highly recommend and will be purchasing more!”

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Carla Duncan

”This was my first purchase, and what a great experience it was. Customer service was incredible, and the quality of our patches was as shown. Will purchase through Karen's Digitizing again.”